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Logo Lites® Automotive LED Lighting Products

LED Turn Signals for Model A Fords

Model A Turn SignalsLogo Lites provides you with super bright LED Turn signals for your Model A Ford! Slim line turn signals mount to bumper clamp bolts and fit perfectly between the Model A bumpers. They are small enough to look natural on your car, yet they are bright enough to be seen when activated. The controls mount between the gas tank and the dash making them very convenient to operate, yet remaining partially hidden so as not to detract from the interior of your Model A. They work on 6V or 12V positive or negative chassis Model A Fords without even flipping a switch. They make a great addition for your restored or rodded Model A Ford.

Logo Lites Model A Turn signals are a great addition to make your car safer to drive on the road and a lot more convenient than sticking your arm out the window! They are easily installed in an afternoon and are reliably built with long-life, super bright LEDs to help keep you safe.

LED Third Brake Lights

NOTE: LED Third Brake Lights are No Longer Available and are shown for historical reference only.

Logo Lites makes Custom LED Third Brake Lights to fit your antique, street rod, or muscle car. With various mounts and blinders they are sure to fit in any car or truck and work with both 12 Volt and 6 Volt electrical systems.

MY28 Personalized Removable Model A LED Third Brake Light Logo Lites also offers removable Custom LED Third Brake Lights for restored show cars. Removes in seconds for shows and installs in seconds for safe travel!

Solid LED Brake LightsSolid LED Brake LightsNEW! Logo Lites now offers "Solid Fill" LED Third Brake Lights for maximum intensity. The new Solid Fill LED Third Brake Lights are available in standard mount, removable mount, with and without brake light decoder, 6V, 12V, and unique Model A Ford configurations to match your classic car or antique truck. See the Third Brake Light web page for a table to help you choose the right combination for your vehicle.

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